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Client Services

We learn your hiring needs and your specific hiring criteria. A knowledge of your organization's structure, practice, clients, work assignments and culture helps us to identify and target successful applicants and allows for better promotion of your firm to applicants. Upon identifying candidates who meet your hiring criteria and who match your profile of successful lateral additions to your firm, we will forward resumes to you along with pertinent additional information such as goals and reasons for wanting to change jobs. We will provide transcripts and check references at your request at any stage of the hiring process. Candidates trust us to conduct the presentation of their credentials with great care and we require the cooperation of our client employers to assure confidentiality.

Law Firm Associates

We will identify lateral associates who are committed to success, who precisely fit the practice focus, academic record and level of experience sought. We acquaint our clients with the candidate's motivation to consider a new firm and we counsel candidates about what will constitute a good move.

Law Firm Partners

Matching your firm's strategic plan, we present partner level attorneys who are either contemplating or actively seeking a new association. We work with these candidates to determine and prioritize the issues most important to them including: greater cross marketing opportunity, a larger or more targeted platform from which to serve clients, variability with rates, broader services from expert partners and/or depth of associate help. Other considerations are culture, shared vision, firm governance, compensation models and client generation opportunities. Of course the first step is the determination that the parties like and respect each other.

We help firms and lawyers explore combining talents and business opportunities. We will be happy to explore with you how we can help accomplish partner acquisitions for your firm.

Mergers and Creation of Branch Offices

We have opened new offices for law firms and merged practice groups into new firms. We can acquaint you with how to approach this project, study the options and find the attorneys with whom to join forces. Information is available about the legal considerations of partner moves and combining practices.

Corporate Counsel

We place in house attorneys and general counsels in companies ranging in size from large publicly traded corporations to "mom and pop" small businesses.

Many of our candidates at all levels of experience and across all practice specialties are specifically seeking an in house opportunity. Our candidates seek employment in corporations for various reasons: the appeal of being the client, having one loyalty rather than serving a range of businesses, the opportunity to feel a connection with the products and services of the employer, working with non-lawyers and using business skills.

We stay in communication with these attorneys, making introductions to clients when the opportunity is a match. We also continuously recruit new candidates who have not been seeking an in house move but whom we believe would be a good fit and that could potentially be interested in the right opportunity.

We use the same thorough techniques that we employ with our law firm clients in assessing in house candidates. Importantly, in these types of searches, personality traits, work habits and history of relationships with supervisors and subordinates may be important in the profile of the ideal in house candidate. Education, including specific undergraduate studies, and work before law school may also be significant factors in identifying lawyers who will be successful in particular industries and General Counsel's offices.